Web Real Time Communication

Web advancements are fast, furious and driving. It is never too early to start looking at ways to incorporate emerging technology like Web RTC into your own web development projects. Companies should look at the options of getting on-board with WebRTC sooner than later, as this will be the next big step to getting the phone to meet the web.

The web is going to change how we make communications work; it is going to change how we make phone calls in very fundamental ways. Web RTC is making a significant impact, get the solutions you need to succeed —Threshold will help you map the course of your success.

Threshold enables clients to adapt to Web RTC by building a strong platform that works across multiple web browsers, across multiple platforms and devices. WebRTC is putting a real time media engine into the browser, which will eventually make every browser in the world capable of providing real time communications.

Threshold’s Web RTC Services

  • Through WebRTC Threshold provides clients with the ability to write rich.
  • Real-time multimedia applications similar to video chat, for use on the web, with no plugins, downloads, or installs required.

What we did so far:

  • Threshold helped Clients to define client-side APIs which will enable Real-Time Communications in Web browsers
  • Enabling applications that can be run directly inside the browser to communicate in real-time, and directly with other Web applications.


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