Social Commerce

Social media has evolved significantly and it’s no longer an experiment, but a marketing must-have. As companies struggle for acceptance, the effort no longer is social for the sake of being social, but gives rise to horizontal processes that extend beyond marketing to drive social commerce.

Social commerce has migrated from social network websites to ecommerce sites and traversed from the top of the purchasing funnel to the bottom. Increased traffic, increased average order value, and conversion rate lifts are now the result of a great website social experience that incorporates social sharing, duration, crowd-sourced product discovery, social rewards, and the use of social data to grow customer relationships.

Threshold’s Social Commerce Services

  • Social commerce is not limited to just a Facebook page.
  • Our social commerce strategies include the encouragement of user-generated advertorial content.
  • Customer ratings and reviews.
  • User recommendations and referrals.
  • Social shopping tools (such as “Like” buttons or Facebook Stores).
  • Forums and Communities.
  • Social applications and Social advertising.

What We did so far:

  • Mobile Applications.
  • Geo-location shopping.
  • 2-D Tagging.
  • Social Couponing.
  • Smart shelves-coupled with social technologies.
  • loyalty programs and point of sale data to redesign the shopping experience.


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