Cloud Application Development

If you are planning to build your app, you’ll become hostage to impending decisions in terms of technology, databases and programming languages. The real issue is what if you want to port your apps to another Cloud, bring them on-premise, or change the underlying technology, then you’re stuck with a huge risk and prohibitive cost.

IT projects don’t fail because of your DEV, QA or Production infrastructure set-up. They fail because the development process is broken! The Cloud can speed up infrastructure set-up, improve availability, and lower operational costs. But it doesn't help you deliver on-time and in-budget!

Threshold delivers applications that are built-for-change, and where the space for change is accommodated across the application life-cycle.

Threshold’s approach is designed to create the perfect balance between centralized hosting, governance and management together with developer freedom, productivity and time-to-market. The infrastructure team can manage a single set of servers with even better utilization targets than achieved by virtualization – while the developers can self-provision, manage and deploy a full middleware stack as needed.

Developers can simply click to add users and services, develop new applications, and manage their own setup. New services automatically participate in and benefit from governance policies already in place. In addition, new service versions can be deployed and tested side-by-side with versions in production, allowing traffic to be carefully diverted to newer versions.

Threshold’s Cloud Application Development Services

  • Reduced Development and Deployment Time.
  • Managed Production Workloads for Scalability & Failover.
  • Choice of Language and Frameworks.
  • Cloud Foundry-Based with Container Architecture.

What we did so far:

  • On-Demand Services.
  • Automated Provisioning and Deployment.
  • Incident and Problem Management.
  • Security, Compliance, and Risk Management.


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