HTML5 Applications

HTML5 takes web development to another level. HTML5 refers to a broad set of open web technologies, including HTML, CSS, SVG, WOFF and others that provide for significantly enhanced functionality, ubiquitous user experience across multiple browser/handset/OS platforms, app functionality, improved browsing, local storage of app/user data and richer interactivity.

HTML5 technology enables you to deliver the same, familiar user experience of a native mobile application, without the hassle of going through App Stores and porting to multiple platforms.

We bring our innovative design skills together with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies to help businesses create and deliver high-impact HTML5 based applications that are available across multiple devices, platforms and are rich in functionality.

  • HTML 5 mobile developments.
  • HTML 5 web apps development.
  • HTML 5 Games development.

What we did so far:

  • Creating mobile & web applications using HTML 5 with node.js, kendoUI, Sencha Touch VS, CSS 3 frameworks.
  • HTML5 Mobile web apps with Animation.
  • HTML5 websites development.
  • HTML5 development tools.
  • Web application development services.
  • Offline web applications building.


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