2D Bar Code Marketing

For marketers, 2D codes open a gateway for consumers to conveniently access online information, coupons, videos, directions and more, at precisely the time and location it is most relevant.

A 2D code is a two-dimensional barcode that links to an online experience when scanned with a mobile device. A downloaded software application turns a mobile device's camera lens into an optical scanner. Each code is encoded with specific information like a URL or contact information.

Threshold enable clients to manage it all, from integrating 2D bar code marketing into their overall digital marketing strategies, right up to getting critical insights and converting the company’s marketing efforts into measurable business results.

Threshold’s 2D Bar Code Marketing Services

  • Contact Codes
  • Download App
  • Dynamic Content
  • Mobile Web Page Builder

What We did so far:

Successfully launched campaigns incorporated for coupons, discounts, prizes and scavenger hunts into their codes.


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