Cloud Service Brokerage

“More than 20% of all Cloud services will be intermediated via Cloud Service Brokerage.”

Gartner’s Cloud Computing Report.

If your company is moving parts of its business to the Cloud, you’re probably realizing that it’s not all that simple. Although users consume a large portion of Cloud services directly, the diversity and complexity of direct Cloud services consumption and associated management issues are driving users toward Cloud service brokerage to simplify and improve the process. Eventually, Evolving Cloud ecosystem role consensus of CSB importance among the analysts.

A Cloud service broker is an intermediate layer between Cloud vendors and its users providing various services such as selection, aggregation, integration, performance management and security etc.

Threshold makes it easier for organizations to consume and maintain Cloud services, particularly when they span multiple providers. With Threshold, clients can develop new applications on top of public SaaS combined with existing core IP, introduce new services from public SaaS over time and enable existing on-premise assets as chargeable Cloud services. Threshold’s goal is to make the service more specific to the client, to integrate or aggregate services, to enhance the security, or to do anything which adds a significant layer of value (i.e. capabilities) to the original Cloud services being offered.

We simply make provisioning of Cloud services more easily accessible and viable for enterprises, providing the benefits of Cloud economics alongside the governance & control enterprises need over IT.

Threshold’s Cloud Service Brokerage Services

  • Aggregates cloud into a simple “one-stop-shop” for procurement & management.
  • Helps consumers manage the complexity of cloud services.
  • Implements, integrates, aggregates, customizes cloud services.
  • Provides simple & easy access to cloud different solutions on different platforms.

What we did so far:

  • Integrate, source, procure, sustain, manage and govern.
  • Analyze performance, utilization and growth.
  • Manage SLAs, operating platforms, management, and security, growth planning & cost control.


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