Open Source Technologies

Today, bringing a new application to the marketplace is an incredibly challenging process that requires significant resources and infrastructure. Many organizations struggle to tame this beast to speed their time-to-market while also working with their costs. Embracing Open source technologies with the right vendor often answers this puzzling question. In recent times, significant momentum has been gained by several open source platforms that even large enterprises are adopting to build their web and n-tier applications with thick client software.

Threshold helps enterprises of all sizes in easy adoption to open source technologies propelling them to the next information age. Open source technologies offer tremendous cost advantages and this bundled with Threshold’s expertise in:

  • Accelerated Product Releases
  • Reduced time to setup a team of experts in the latest technologies
  • Leverage tools and framework to Reduce Time-to-Market
  • Leverage solutions that helps products integrate with other Products
  • Optimized Cost of Development


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