Corporate Social Responsibility

Threshold believes Corporate Social Responsibility is more an integral part of our core values, our corporate culture and commitments. Threshold takes a leap step in CSR initiatives taking it beyond philanthropy, empathy and service.

We at Threshold believe in quality of living with systematized society through good governance. We started our initiative Democracy drive 2009-2014 for bringing transparency in global democracy through information systems to empower people to take charge of their life.

Partnered and volunteered with various electoral bodies across nations with campaigns like ghmc2009, ap2009 etc.

Our Focus Areas & Initiatives

NGO Services: We help NGOS to raise funds and streamline their operations through various applications made from our DID program ( Do IT in a Day), and also run awareness campaigns and fun raising events. We proactively support and contribute to social causes by donating our skills, time, ideas and money.

We work with NGO’s like Navajaveen blind relief centre, Global Hospital and research centre etc..

Entrepreneurship Development: We work with various educational institutions with incubation set ups like RIPE (Rural Incubation program Promoting Entrepreneurs) encouraging and empoweringrural entrepreneurs focusing youth and woman.

International Democracy: We worked on various campaigns ranging from pre-election awareness campaigning, election information support, post-election analysis for various state elections like Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc.

We also endeavoured in international assignments like corruption reporting, crime analysis etc.

To give a glimpse of the electoral significance just in India..

Indian Elections

It’s an event bigger than the Olympics

  • Spread over 2.97 million square kilometres of land mass
  • With a spend of nearly 100 billion rupees ( $ 2.99 billion)
  • Over a period of nearly 100 days
  • With 714 million people involving
  • Where 7810 members compete
  • On an average of 70665 people supporting each of them
  • Under the security of two million force
  • Through 10.75 lakh machines
  • Saving the usage of 8,000 metric tonnes of paper
  • With the average winning age around 52.7 years
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